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Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy reflects three main goals that I strive to achieve in the classroom: (1) facilitating effective learning that relies on clarity and consistency, interest and engagement, and real-world application, and (3) creating a  culture of learning that supports feedback, communication, and curiosity, and (3) fostering an environment of inclusion and respect.

In My Students' Words

Teaching Portfolio

My teaching philosophy has evolved over the years but being student-centered has remained constant as the core of it. Since then, I have had excellent teaching opportunities including but not limited to serving as a teaching assistant at McMaster University (2017-2021) and K.N. Toosi University (2015-2017) for undergraduate, MBA, and Executive courses in organizational behavior and human resources management, teaching an introductory course to more than 140 students, and obtaining a teaching and learning certificate from McPherson Institute.

Teaching Evaluation

Organizational Behavior,  McMaster University

  • verage course evaluation rating: 9.3/10

​Privacy and Responsible AI, Stanford University

  • Average course evaluation rating: 4.4/5

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